5 simple rules for weight loss that work miracles

Mom and daughter lost 50 kg for two, following five simple rules

The first, who decided to lose weight was the daughter, and mother joined her later. “It’s amazing how much better we feel now!”, they say.

How they managed to lose weight

Genetics can not be fooled: they both gained excess weight after childbirth. By her 65 years of age, Diane Johnston weighed 120 kg, and her daughter Dana Smith – about 104 kg.

“I was so unhappy with myself and my weight. My knees ached, my whole body ached,” Diana says.

She could not live without sweets, and sometimes could eat a pie bought for a party on her own. Her 41-year-old daughter, Dana, had other bad habits: she never ate breakfast, and was laying down on the couch in the afternoon and eating pasta, chips and cereal.

In July last year, Dana realized that she was tired of being overweight. Her husband liked to go hiking, and she was embarrassed to show him that she was tired, out of breath and unable to keep up his pace.

The first thing Dana did was to buy a fitness bracelet to monitor the amount of food eaten and physical activity. And then, she began to walk with children more often and control the sizes of portions.

“I simply fell in love with hikes. Now this is one of our family traditions,” says Dana.

Diana was pleased to see how her daughter is getting slimmer and slimmer. But she noticed that Dana never asks her to accompany her grandchildren anywhere – fearing that such activities will be too hard for the woman.

“And then I decided that I can not leave everything as it is now. I’m only 65, I’m not old. I do not want to be a cripple, sitting on a chair and not be able to leave the house,” Diana explains.

And she told Dana that she also wants to lose weight. Inspiring and supporting each other, the mother and daughter were able to achieve impressive results: they got rid of 50 kilograms of excess weight for two.

The main thing, women say, is to observe five simple rules.

1. Control Of Portions

Diana and Dana began to eat less and were stopping to eat as soon as they felt that they were full.

They were monitoring the amount of calories consumed:

Breaking sweet bun in half
Taking only a very small piece of homemade pizza.

2. Less Sugar

LESS SUGARDiana, who was truly dependent on sweets, began with refusing sweets for tea.

Gradually, she achieved almost complete exclusion of sugar from her diet and now says that she is no longer addicted to sweets.

“I simply do not have such a desire. I feel much better than before: I’m happier and I again like to buy new clothes,” she says.


3. Track Your Snacks

At some point, Diana realized that the weight had stopped going down, and started to control more thoroughly the light snacks between the main meals.

For example, if you want to eat a couple of crackers, get them out of the package and take it away. If the whole pack of crackers remains at hand, you reach for them again and again.

4. Have Breakfast And Do Not Eat At Nights

Dana, who always skipped breakfast, now does not leave her house without having a morning meal. Diana, in turn, follows the strict rule: no food after 7 PM.

“I go to bed a little hungry, and it’s good,” she says.

5. Experiments With Load

In addition to family hiking, Dana does exercises at home by video lessons from Monday to Thursday. Diana does not like sports, but every day she tries to make at least 10 thousand steps. This helped her get rid not only of excess weight, but also of pain in the knees.