Adelvag Review

Adelvag is a trade name for the Sibutramine drug. In many countries, Sibutramine drug is banned for sale. However, dozens of pharmaceutical companies continue to produce Sibutramine under different brand names.

Novag Infancia company is the Adelvag Manufacturer on the pharmaceutical market. It produces weight loss drug in tablets. Each Adelvag tablet contains 10mg or 15mg of Sibutramine hydrochloride active substance.

  • Adelvag drug is prescribed to people with a BMI equal to 30 or more for obesity complex treatment. Also, this weight loss drug can be prescribed for patients with a BMI equal to 27 or more with diseases resulting from obesity (dyslipidemia, hypertension, diabetes).

Like all Sibutramine containing drugs, Adelvag has contraindications. Slimming pills are contraindicated in certain diseases: cardiovascular disease, glaucoma, uncontrolled hypertension and alcohol or drug dependence.

  • Adelvag tablets are contraindicated in combination with some drugs: MAO inhibitors, SSRIs; migraine treatment drugs; drugs, CNS stimulating dugs and some other. Drug interactions may occur in simultaneous use of associated disease (diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia) treatment drugs with Adelvag.

It is recommended to take one Adelvag (Sibutramine) 10mg capsule once a day for effective weight loss.

Mostly diet pills are taken in the morning 30-40 minutes before eating. If the weight loss is less than 4 kg within 4 weeks of obesity drug therapy, the Adelvag dosage should be increased (Adelvag 15mg).

Weight loss therapy with 15mg pills is limited to 4 weeks.

The risk of side effects increases with prolonged use of Adelvag maximal dosage (Adelvag 15mg). Most often Adelvag side effects (insomnia, impaired defecation, dry mouth, headache) develop at the beginning of therapy and in long-term use of maximum dosage weight loss tablets. Typically, Adelvag side effects are poorly expressed, pass within a few days and do not require additional treatment.

Duration of weight loss drug therapy should not exceed 12 months.

Clinical studies show that the result achieved during the Adelvag obesity treatment is kept for 2 years. The recommendations for keeping the same body weight level for a longer time after Adelvag tablets cessation are balanced diet and active lifestyle.

If Adelvag (Sibutramine) tablets are not available in your area, ask your doctor on the Sibutramine tablets brand names under which this drug is being sold in drugstores. Sibutramine tablets may be sold in your region under the trade names:


If Sibutramine drug is not for sale in your city, you can buy Adelvag online.
Given the fact that buying Adelvag online does not require filling out a medical questionnaire, ordering this weight loss drug will take just a few minutes.