“I Can Not Live Without Meat And Desserts”: Adriana Lima’s Diet

Girls with an “angelic” appearance, like the Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima, have to work hard on themselves. Being the face of Victoria’s Secret underwear brand is not a job for weak-willed and lazy ones. 

To keep the head high on the shows, Adriana is engaged in:

  • boxing
  • capoeira
  • is choosy about food.

I once made an attempt to abandon meat and managed to hold without it exactly three days. I want meat, that’s it.

Natural data

Born: June 12, 1981 in San Salvador (Brazil)

Height: 177 centimeters

Weight: 51 kg

The secret of slenderness no. 1: is split meals in small servings. “I eat everything I want, but only when I feel hungry, and the closer the evening, the smaller my portions. I do not like to go to bed with a full stomach.”

Adriana Lima's Diet

Elixir of eternal youth: trainings. “At current stage of my life, I like my body. I do not consider myself an ideal, but I have nothing to be ashamed of. I realize that eventually I will also grow old, so I dedicate enough time for fitness: I will not allow myself to have a sagging belly and early wrinkles.”

What she will always prefers to food: shopping (by the way, it was during the shopping in the shopping center in her hometown that the 13-year-old Adriana was discovered by the representative of the modeling agency), meetings with friends, going to the movies and books by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

“I love my body. I do not think that it is perfect, but I do not find anything it it that I would like to change.”

What’s in her plate: vegetable and fruit salads, mashed potatoes, smoothies, cream soups, yogurt, eggs, low-fat cheese, muesli, meat and fish, legumes, freshly squeezed juices, milk, honey, and desserts from time to time.

About the Brazilian cuisine: “In my opinion, our national food is the most delicious in the world.” Adriana’s menu is often prepared according to the Brazilian recipes: feijoada (ragout with meat and beans), churrasco frilled steak, crab pudding, seafood broth, fried bananas with cinnamon, chocolate and coconut mousse. The main subtlety, in her opinion, is to try to ignore fatty dressings and sauces.

I do not keep to extreme weight loss diets all year round. I do this only on special occasions.

When and how much she eats: 4-5 times a day, in small servings. She tries to eat organic food by season.

Favorite food: meat, chocolate, pies, honey. “Every day I eat a spoonful of honey, it is very useful for the immune system.”

What she refused: bread, pasta, fast food, fatty dressings and sauces, semi-finished products.

What helped her get rid of the addiction to chocolate: pregnancy. “I do not know why, I really did not want to eat chocolate candies, although I used to adore them. But now, every now and then, I am unbearably drawn to some kind of fast food – flour, salted or meat.”

About physical activity: “I tried a lot of things, ran on the treadmill, went to spinning classes, yoga, but I need a sport that challenges, makes me grow above myself. I’ve been boxing for nine years. It’s just a passion, I really enjoy it.”

Favorite types of fitness: the Brazilian martial art of capoeira and boxing. “I like boxing the most – you never get bored in training. The best kind of cardio and at the same time power load: muscles are strengthened, yet in moderation.”

How does she find time for training: “If I have a time trouble (this happens often, especially while travelling), I just go out for a jog in the morning – at least half an hour. Or I jump rope – ten minutes of jumping, and you feel like you have been running for 30 minutes.”

How to quickly restore the skin and hair: “Drink plenty of water during the day and sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Eliminate alcohol and cigarettes, if you smoke.”

Let’s eat like Adriana Lima:

Breakfast: 2-3 egg whites, oatmeal/muesli with raisins and natural yogurt, coffee with milk.

About 12 o’clock in the afternoon: a serving of meat/fish/chicken with vegetables.

Snacks: raw vegetables (carrots and cucumbers), some chocolate or a teaspoon of honey.

Dinner: vegetable or fruit salad.