Duromine vs Reductil

Duromine is one of the best-known trade names of popular prescription weight loss drug – Phentermine. In turn, Reductil is among those weight loss drugs that contain active substance Sibutramine. Both these drugs (Duromine and Reductil) are prescribed as an adjunct to the weight loss program. Duromine and Reductil help to lose weight by suppressing appetite.

During the use of these appetite suppressants (Duromine and Reductil), an obese person may eat just a small amount of food to still hunger.

  • Consuming fewer amount of calories, than your body needs throughout a day, creates negative energy balance in the body.

With the negative energy balance, the body produces the missing energy from fat deposits. As a result, the body mass decreases.

Weight loss, achieved due to the use of weight loss drugs Duromine and Reductil, accelerates metabolism.

The faster the metabolism, the greater the body’s ability to consume energy from foods.

Because during the use of Duromine and Reductil, doctors recommend to stick to a diet, metabolism acceleration helps burning a large amount of fat in the body.

Despite the fact that Duromine and Reductil help to reduce the body mass by suppressing the appetite and improving the metabolism, the mechanism of these weight loss drugs action differs.

Duromine suppresses the appetite by acting in hypothalamus (part of the brain, responsible for hunger). Reductil inhibits serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake thereby increasing satiety and thermogenesis.

Given that both these weight loss drugs (Duromine and Reductil) are available on prescription, they have contraindications and side effects. Thus, the weight loss during Reductil use may be accompanied by high level of blood pressure and palpitation. Often, during the use of Reductil weight loss drug, patients complain of dry mouth. An overdose with Sibutramine increases the risk of tachycardia and stroke.

During the therapy with Duromine, side effects can also occur

e.g. nausea,
change in bowel movements

However, Duromine side effects usually appear in the beginning of anti-obesity therapy and pass within a few days. In overdose with Duromine weight loss drug, person may develop pulmonary hypertension.

When using these weight loss drugs (Duromine and Reductil), severe side effects may appear, hence they are only recommended for the use to patients, whose traditional anti-obesity methods (diet and exercises) were ineffective. Duromine and Reductil are administered as an alternative to surgical therapy of obesity.

If you want to buy Duromine or Reductil online, yet have never taken diet pills, containing Phentermine or Sibutramine, please ask pharmacist all your questions. You can buy Duromine and Reductil on online pharmacy and get a pharmacist’s advice any time you need.