Express-diet for horse jockeys, ballet dancers and… me!

This 3-days weight loss diet is designed for very impatient people, who urgently need to lose a couple of kilos in a short time. Yet, you should be careful – this diet is really intended for 3 days only. Longer adherence to this diet is not recommended: the thing that provides benefits within 3days might become a very bad thing for your stomach, brain and hormonal system on the 4th day.

This weight loss diet for 3 days is called “diet of fashion models”.

Rules for 3-days diet:

  • eat three times a day,
  • eat every three hours,
  • eat certain products during these three days.


The most popular 3 days diet guarantees the weight loss by an average of 3-4 kg.

Menu is as following:

Breakfast: if you can call it that, dissolve 1tbsp. of honey in 150 ml of water and add 5-7 drops of lemon juice. Drink a cup of tea or coffee in about 10-15 minutes.


Lunch: boiled turkey and any vegetables (but not more than 500g).

Dinner – boil 150-200g of cabbage in 150 ml of water without salt for 15-20 minutes. Drink up the cabbage broth in 30-40 minutes.

If you feel very hungry, you are allowed to have a cup of low-fat yogurt before bedtime.

You should not stick to this diet longer than 3 days.


The romantic name of this weight loss diet results from the fact that, as we know, jockeys need to monitor their weight very strictly, probably not less strict than fashion models and ballet dancers put together.

  • On the first day of the jockey diet for weight loss, you eat one chicken baked in the oven, which you have to divide into three parts.
  • For the second day, prepare 300g of veal, roasted on grill without fat. The meat should also be divided into three portions (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  • The third day is the “most fasting” day. You can only drink 3-5 cups of black or green coffee.

Jockey diet helps you lose up to 4kg.


This diet has a lot of names: “3-3-3”, “fashion model diet”, and “ballet dancer diet”.

The rules of this diet for a fast weight loss are:

  • you need to eat three times a day,
  • you need to eat every three hours,
  • you need to eat certain products three days in a row.

That’s how we decipher the name “3-3-3”.

Low-fat cottage cheese and eggs are the products that you should eat while adhering to this weight loss diet plan. 

  • in the morning, for breakfast, you eat one boiled egg,
  • three hours later, you eat 200g of low-fat cottage cheese,
  • three more hours later – another portion of cottage cheese.

Over the next two days, you have to repeat the same diet meal plan. During the diet, you should drink only water or green tea without sugar.

However, the drawback of all express diets is that all the kilos you managed to lose while on them come back as fast as ever after you finish dieting. So, since express weight loss diet don’t provide prolonged and stable results, you should accurately calculate the period before an important event, and get on a diet exactly three days before the appointed time.

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