Why a five-minute training really does help to lose weight

“5 minutes will not solve anything,” we say to ourselves and turn off the alarm clock without a gram of shame, again sleeping through the morning exercises. You are right, these five minutes will not add any cheerfulness and won’t let you wake up more rested. However, it is more than real to build sexy abs, buttocks or perfect legs in just five minutes a day!


It is generally believed that trainings should be long, complex, forceful and simply horribly debilitating. In general, of course, it is like that, but no one canceled the fact that the short intensive workouts are also useful for your figure, and, most importantly, for your health.

Let’s clarify it again: the main excuse about the fact that five minutes solve nothing does not work in this situation. You can’t get enough sleep or lose weight in a flash in just five minutes, yet you can begin your way to a healthy body and gain strength.

Intensive workouts that last from five to seven minutes can develop endurance. By making different muscle groups work, they instantly tone your body, and can help you increase the muscle mass of those body parts, to which the exercises will be directed.

As they say, constant dripping wears away a stone. The main thing is that your workouts are truly intensive, which is the main secret of their efficiency. Invest as much effort as possible and do not feel sorry for yourself. After all, it will only last five minutes.

home trainings

Short intensive trainings will be especially liked by those, who want to lose weight at an accelerated pace. After such exercises, an excessive consumption of oxygen takes place. It increases the fat burning rate, since the weight loss process directly relates to the amount of air that enters the body.

Your body needs to restore the muscles after the load, as well as the oxygen reserve, which usually takes long to replenish – within a few hours after the end of the session. Literally, this means that our body continues burning calories in a strengthened mode, even after the end of an intense workout. Just five minutes, and you get the result that you usually obtain through a walk of an hour and a half.


work with trainer

To not turn the short intensity trainings into a waste of time, and to really benefit from them, your training program should be developed by an experienced trainer, who is familiar with the work of muscles and various processes that occur in the body.

If you visit a fitness club, you can ask one of the local trainers about this, who, perhaps, will be able to recommend you something useful. If this is not possible, or if athletes you know are not familiar with this practice, you can search through the Internet to find already developed training sessions that are aimed at developing different muscle groups.