Reductil review

Reductil capsules contain Sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate active substance, which is one of the anti-obesity drugs. It is believed that Sibutramine helps people lose weight due to satiety increasing. When using this weight loss drug, patients need a minimum amount of food to still hunger.

Reductil drug is prescribed in combination with a low-calorie diet and physical activity.

Clinical studies have shown that diet capsules help people form healthy eating habits, which persist after the obesity treatment is over. Keeping to a balanced diet after Reductil capsules cessation allows you to maintain the new weight for a long time.

Reductil is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries companies. In 2010, Reductil (Sibutramine) was withdrawn from the market by the decision of Abbott.

  • Decision to revoke the drug from the market was made after the complaints of increasing heart attack and stroke risk during the Reductil treatment.

Reductil is designed to treat obesity in people without cardiovascular pathologies, and only if the non-pharmacological treatment of obesity (diet and physical activity) was ineffective.

Before applying the weight loss drug it is recommended to consult a doctor and find the best Reductil therapeutic dosage.

Reductil 10mg
  • Clinical studies have shown blood pressure may indeed increase during Reductil 10mg prolonged use (over 1 year). However, blood pressure is stabilized after reducing the Reductil daily dose to 5mg.

Also, an increase in blood pressure is noted in Reductil weight loss drug maximum 15mg dose long-term use (more than 3 months). Blood pressure decreases at lowering the Reductil dosage from 15mg to 10mg.

At the same time, people taking the Reductil weight loss drug strictly on prescription, have noted no side effects.

  • It is recommended to stop taking Reductil slimming capsules if body weight decreases by less than 5 percent of the initial body weight within 12 weeks.

Duration of slimming capsules use should not exceed 12 months.

Reductil capsules use is contraindicated in cardiovascular pathologies, severe renal and (or) liver failure, glaucoma, mental illnesses and other diseases. Therefore, to prevent side effects before applying slimming capsules, it is recommended to inform your doctor about all your existing diseases.

Reductil intake during pregnancy and lactation is contraindicated. Use contraceptives to prevent pregnancy while using slimming capsules. In case of getting pregnant during the obesity drug therapy it is recommended to stop taking Reductil diet capsules and seek medical advice.

If you decide to buy Reductil online, but have never ordered prescription or non-prescription weight loss drugs, ask your questions online pharmacy pharmacist.

Please note that you can buy Reductil (Sibutramine) online not only from the USA or UK, but from any other country of the world.