Sibutramine dosage

Sibutramine medication is recommended for a regular administration, once a day. Sibutramine pills can be taken during or after eating. Often, doctors recommend their patients to take Sibutramine pills in the morning during breakfast.

For the treatment of obesity, it is recommended to begin with the average therapeutic dose of Sibutramine 10mg.

  • If unwanted adverse reactions occur after using a Sibutramine 10mg pill, Sibutramine dosage can be reduced to 5 mg per day.

If side effects occur even after the administration of the minimal daily dose of Sibutramine 5mg, this anti-obesity drug should be replaced with other diet pills.

The results of clinical studies have demonstrated that the use of a single dose of Sibutramine 10mg within 4 weeks helps to lose weight about 4 pounds. If in 4 weeks the body weight is decreased by less than 4 pounds, the daily dose of Sibutramine can be increased to 15mg.

After increasing the daily dose of Sibutramine to 15mg, it is important to monitor heart rate and blood pressure. If the dose of Sibutramine 15 mg causes cardiovascular adverse events, the next Sibutramine dose should be reduced to 10mg.

Sibutramine 15mg is the maximum recommended dose of this drug.

The maximum allowable dose of Sibutramine 15mg can cause overdose and severe side effects.

Regardless of the administered Sibutramine dose, the duration of obesity drug therapy should not exceed 2 years. The longer term of using diet pills Sibutramine with strengths of 5mg, 10mg and 15mg has not been studied.

If you are already taking Sibutramine pills, but they are too expensive in pharmacies, you have the opportunity to buy cheap Sibutramine pills online. Please note that when you purchase several packages of Sibutramine pills online, you will be able to recompense your expenses for the postal service.

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