Sibutramine pregnancy and lactation

Animal studies have shown that the drug Sibutramine has a negative effect on the fetus. Pregnant women were not involved in the studies of weight loss pills Sibutramine. Therefore, the use of Sibutramine is contraindicated during pregnancy.

Women of reproductive age are recommended to use contraceptives during the treatment of obesity with Sibutramine.

  • Use of oral contraceptives or other contraceptives will prevent pregnancy during the period of the obesity drug therapy.

In some online media, one can find information that if the excessive weight poses a serious threat to the life of mother and a fetus; Sibutramine may be prescribed during pregnancy.

  • However, the reliable information on the results of post marketing studies of Sibutramine during pregnancy is almost impossible to find.

It should also be noted that the ability of Sibutramine to transfer into breast milk has not been studied. So, if you need to carry out medical treatment of obesity during lactation, before the use of Sibutramine pills you must move the child to artificial feeding.

If you decide to use Sibutramine pills in your anti-obesity campaign, but do not know under what trade names they are sold in pharmacies, you can find out this information from your treating physician. If you have never taken Sibutramine pills and want to order them online without a prescription, before making your order you have the opportunity to get an expert advice of a pharmacist.