Sibutramine Brands


Yeduc Review

Yeduc obesity treatment drug is produced in form of tablets. Each Yeduc diet tablet contains 15mg of […]

Obestat review

Obestat brand named drug is manufactured by Cipla Limited. Each Obestat capsule contains 10mg of Sibutramine Hydrochloride […]

Fingrass Review

Fingrass is an anti-obesity drug, which suppresses appetite, increases energy and reduces body weight. The Fingrass active […]

Aderan Review

The Aderan drug active substance is Sibutramine hydrochloride. Of all obesity treatment drugs, stimulating the central nervous […]

Adelvag Review

Adelvag is a trade name for the Sibutramine drug. In many countries, Sibutramine drug is banned for […]

Zelixa review

Zelixa is a weight loss drug containing Sibutramine hydrochloride as the active substance. Zelixa pharmaceutical form is […]

Slimax Review

Apex Pharma, Egyptian Pharmaceutical Company, produces weight loss drug, containing 10 mg of Sibutramine hydrochloride active substance. […]

Sibutril review

Sibutril is the trade name of Sibutramine active substance, which helps people in losing weight. Sibutril anorexigenic […]

Sibutral review

Sibutral is produced by Abbott Laboratories France pharmaceutical company, which is a subsidiary of Alkaloidal Abbott Laboratories […]

Reductil review

Reductil capsules contain Sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate active substance, which is one of the anti-obesity drugs. It is […]

Reduce review

Reduce – is the trade name of the Sibutramine hydrochloride active substance. Reduce manufacturer is Ordain Global […]

Nobese review

Getz Pharma is the manufacturer of Nobese – an anorectic drug, which increases satiety. Nobese belongs to […]