Slimax Review

Apex Pharma, Egyptian Pharmaceutical Company, produces weight loss drug, containing 10 mg of Sibutramine hydrochloride active substance. At the regional pharmaceutical market, diet capsules are available under various trade names. Apex Pharma is the Slimax capsules manufacturer.

Slimax weight loss drug is prescribed to those who had no effect from a standard non-pharmacological obesity treatment.

  • It means losing less than 5 percent of initial body weight as a result of keeping to a balanced diet and regular exercise for a period of 3 months.

Slimax drug is included as a short-term supplement in a complex weight loss program.

Weight loss capsules are prescribed to people with alimentary obesity with a BMI equal to or more than 30. Slimax is also prescribed for the alimentary obesity treatment in people with a BMI equal to or more than 27 with obesity related risk factors (dyslipidemia, hypertension, diabetes).

Slimax (Sibutramine) has contraindications and side effects. To prevent Slimax side effects, before adding weight loss capsules to the obesity treatment, you should inform your doctor about all your associated diseases.

Slimax drug is contraindicated in any cardiovascular disease, as well as glaucoma, mental disorders, liver and (or) renal failure and other diseases.

  • Slimax diet pills are intended for the obesity treatment in adults and adolescents over 18 years. Children under 18 years of age and the elderly (over 65 years) did not participate in clinical trials for the weight loss drug safety and efficacy.

Therefore, the Slimax capsules use in people under 18 years and over 65 years is contraindicated.

Women of reproductive age also did not take part in Slimax clinical trials.


Due to the lack of sufficient clinical experience, Slimax use during pregnancy and breastfeeding is contraindicated.


Most people taking Slimax diet pills note that body weight reduces by about 10 percent of the original weight within 12 weeks. Some people say that after taking Slimax for 4 weeks they were able to lose less than 4kg. In such cases, it is recommended to increase the Slimax dosage.

Weight loss capsules Slimax along with decreasing the abdominal fat amount also increase insulin sensitivity, improve the lipid profile and stabilize the blood pressure. Thus, the Slimax drug use not only promotes weight loss, but also strengthens the overall health status.

If you want to use Slimax pills for weight loss, but have never taken Sibutramine containing drugs, make sure that Slimax pills are absolutely safe for your health. If you decide to buy Slimax (Sibutramine) with no RX, but have never bought weight loss drugs on online pharmacies before, ask your pharmacist questions prior to placing your order.

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