The trainer advises: how to correctly begin training?

What to do if you decided to start exercising, and realized that you have no idea where to start, and you don’t know where to loos first and which direction to choose? A personal trainer, certified specialist in functional training, stretching and fitness, tells how to avoid mistakes and do everything correctly when you begin the training process.

Fitness is diverse these days, as it never was before, starting with gym trainings to practicing yoga or martial arts. First, ask yourself a simple and a very important question “why do you need this?”

Perhaps you want to:

  • keep up with the latest trends;
  • lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • obtain a rounder butt or six-pack abs;
  • start exercising at least something;
  • like yourself and make other people like you;
  • lose weight;
  • make your form worthy of your spirit;
  • learn something new;
  • something else…

And now that you found the reason to get into exercising, your motivation is strong and you are ready to dive into the world of sports and a healthy life-style. Do not rush to the gym and chaotically pull the machines. At this stage, you need to understand which direction is right for you. To do this, you need to take into account your:


body structure

physical condition


Consult with your doctor for contraindications, and then talk to a professional trainer. He will help you find you the right way. Perhaps, the information about your health that you get will put you off achieving the goal, and you will not be able to immediately proceed with what you wanted, but this phase will protect you from further injuries when you are directly involved into the exciting training process.

There are some recommendations for choosing sports, depending on your body type and physique.

If you are tall, it might indicate the predisposition to game and team sports, like:

  • basketball,
  • volleyball,
  • swimming.

The higher the person, the greater the burden on the spine, or more precisely, on his lumbar spine. This is the reason why tall people better avoid weight lifting and wrestling. People with medium or low height are recommended sport gymnastics, weightlifting, and wrestling.

There is a great variety of sports and fitness types that suit almost every person. For example,

  • workouts on pull-up bars,
  • functional trainings,
  • yoga,
  • pilates,
  • swimming,
  • jogging.

So, you started to exercise, and you feel that it’s hard for you physically, and it’s hard to get used psychologically, and sometimes you want to give up and quit. You are not alone. Almost 90% of people are affected by this condition.

To solve the problem of “I’m tired”, “I don’t feel like it”, “I’m in pain”, people came up with a the rule of 21 days. You probably heard of it before. Think over and schedule your trainings, meals, and rest for twenty-one days. Record your progress in a special diary – this provides additional motivation. If you do not end up with training apathy after these 21 days, it means that you succeeded. Trainings will bring joy and pleasure, and the effect will be visible in the near future.

Here is a typical situation. Since you finished school, you did not exercise a second, you are overweight, and you want to get rid of it, whatever it costs you. This is not a problem. Your desire to become better is half the battle!

trainer advises

Begin monitoring your nutrition, count calories, try to make your diet balanced. To achieve balance in your nutrition, combine proteins, fats and carbohydrates in right proportions in each of your meals.

Great news is that you don’t have to torture yourself with running at the initial stage of engaging into sports. When you run, your spine and joints are under additional load, and excess weight paired with an unprepared locomotor apparatus will increase it in a geometric progression. As a result, you will get:

  • pain in the joints and lower back,
  • negative feelings about trainings.

Start by walking at your comfortable pace. Let it be a pleasant walk with a daily increase in distance. It is perfect if you walk in the morning on an empty stomach. Your body works fine namely in the morning and starts active fat burning processes. When you come back home, spend a few minutes to do stretching of your muscles and joints, which will provide relaxation and muscles feeding due to the influx of blood.

Thus, you will gradually begin training. Without entering the gym, you can easily practice





functional exercises

To improve the result, maintain motivation and simply to make useful interesting acquaintances, get a gym membership. A gym, a swimming pool, a visit to group programs or individual trainings, a sauna, a massage will ensure not only a surge of endorphins, but will also bring you closer to the desired form.

At the initial stage of training, cycling is very useful and effective, since your body begins to respond correctly to the load. If you decide to start with cycling, avoid planning long distance rides. As a rule, muscles quickly become acidic, which creates a danger of seizures. Remember the principle of gradualness:

only a consistent continuous increase in loads can give you a good result, and the risk of injuries will be minimal

A correct approach, reasonable load, consistency and careful attitude to yourself will lead you to the goal and will bring pleasure from trainings that cannot be compared to anything else in the world. Love yourself and change!

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