Why do women gain weight?

Why do women suffer from excess weight these days? Inadequate nutrition and improper lifestyle are not the only things to blame for it.

We can also freely blame modern gadgets, which, it would seem, should simplify the life of a modern woman.

On the other hand, the active use of household devices, such as dishwashers, microwave ovens and other household appliances, have a negative effect on the female figure.

The beautiful half of the society, while using all these amenities, slowly and confidently gain extra pounds, say scientists from the University of Manchester.


A study of scientists from the University of London showed that, on average, a modern woman spends 20% less time on house chores, than women spent in the 1980s.

Physical house chores were replaced by the office work

For example, if a woman vacuums or sweeps the floor, this work burns about 200 calories, while she burns only 70 calories in an hour of work at the computer.

woman vacuums

However, the situation did not change for men at all.

They spend exactly the same amount of time to perform household duties, like they did before, because they do not use home gadgets.


In addition to the fact that women began spending less time for household chores, they also started spending more money on food.

More and more representatives of the beautiful half of society turned to snacking, yet they consume 20% less calories than women consumed 30 years ago.

Women began to eat correctly and adhere to a healthy nutrition. However, they move less, which leads to extra weight gain.


According to experts, the epidemic of obesity is progressing precisely because of the sedentary lifestyle.