Yeduc Review

Yeduc obesity treatment drug is produced in form of tablets. Each Yeduc diet tablet contains 15mg of Sibutramine hydrochloride. Since 2010, the sale of weight loss drug with Sibutramine hydrochloride active substance is prohibited in the United States. Elsewhere Sibutramine is sold under different brand names, including Yeduc by different manufacturers.

Yeduc, like all Sibutramine containing drugs, is designated as short-term supplement in the obesity treatment.

  • Weight loss drug helps people with a BMI over 30 lose weight.

In some cases, the drug is prescribed to people with a BMI of 27 to 30 if they have diseases such as diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, aggravated by overweight.

Yeduc diet drug can also be prescribed to people who can not control their appetite. Yeduc (Sibutramine) is taken in conjunction with a low calorie diet and regular physical activity. Due to the anorexigenic effect of this diet drug people need minimum amount of food for satisfying their hunger.

Despite the fact that during the obesity treatment the patient consumes a small quantity of calories, he remains energetic throughout the day.

For providing energy the body transforms fat. Yeduc tablets also increase stamina, which allows dedicating more time to physical activity.

Clinical studies show that regular Yeduc diet tablets use for 12 weeks can reduce about 10 percent of initial body weight. At the same time, the weight loss is slower in people with diabetes. They need 24 weeks to lose 10 percent of the original weight.

  • This weight loss drug treatment period is more than 1 year.

There are no clinical data on the Yeduc safety and efficacy in more than 2 years of use. Therefore, the duration of the Yeduc obesity treatment should not exceed 48 months. If the weight loss is less than 4 pounds after 4 weeks of diet tablets weight use the Yeduc dosage might be increased or the treatment might be stopped.

Yeduc side effects may develop at the beginning of obesity treatment in some cases.

Most frequent Yeduc tablets side effects are:

  • insomnia,
  • dry mouth,
  • headache,
  • bowel movement impairment
  • and tachycardia.

Usually side effects are mild and disappear in a few days with no special measures.

yeduc 15mg

Given that obesity contributes to associated diseases, there might be drugs prescribed for their treatment together with Yeduc weight loss drug. Before adding any drugs in obesity therapy it is recommended to study Yeduc drug interaction.

Some or even the whole lost weight can be restored after the Yeduc drug cessation. Follow a balanced diet and regular exercise regime to prevent obesity relapse after Yeduc diet tablets discontinuation. To maintain a slim body change your eating habits and lifestyle once and for all.

To buy Yeduc online, please choose the most convenient payment method and postal delivery of your order. Please note that besides purchasing Yeduc pills, you can also compensate your postal service costs on the online pharmacy.