A young mother lost 50 kilos, when she started eating more

The XL size was the limit of her dreams some time ago. “Once I looked at myself in the mirror and was horrified.”

26-year-old resident of Australia, Alicia-Marie Beresh, decided that it’s time to lose weight when the mark on the scales passed over 116 kilograms. The girl began to gain weight when she was 18 years of age.

“We had parties, stormy parties with friends, and there was definitely no time nor will to exercise at all,”

Alicia recalls.

Of course, diet and a healthy eating were not even near her at that stage of her life. In the morning, she would drink a liter of an energy drink and, stuffing with pizza or other fast food, hurried on for her business.

Sometimes, the girl was simply forgetting about food for the whole day and reached the fridge only late in the evening. When Alicia became a mother, she gained another 8 kilograms.

Awareness of the need for change came when her daughter Palome was three months old.

“I was ashamed that I still wear clothes for pregnant women,” the young mother confessed in an interview with Daily Mail Australia. “I wanted my daughter to grow up proud of me, taking an example from me, and not from someone on a TV show. To try to look just like her mother.“

Alicia began her path to a harmonious figure in August 2015. First of all, she bought herself “goal jeans” of the size 54, or XL. She tried it on, but did not manage to pull them higher than the middle of her thigh. Three months later, Alicia simply drowned in these jeans.

The indicator of the scales, which was holding on to the mark of 116 kilograms for such a long time, suddenly dropped to 66.

The indicator of the scales, which was holding on to the mark of 116 kilograms for such a long time, suddenly dropped to 66.

At first, the young mother tried to lose weight on her own. She managed to lose 26 kilograms. Soon, however, her body adapted to the new regime. The so-called plateau effect came in and the weight stopped lowering.

Then, Alicia addressed to professionals. The weight loss diet that was picked up for the girl was by no means excruciating. However, the first thing that had to be done was to abandon the energy drinks.

It turned out that removing all the accumulated sugar from the body was surprisingly difficult. “These were the worst two weeks of my life,” recalls Alicia. “I felt as if someone was trampling on my temples, crushing my head. I felt sick, I vomited.”

Alicia-Marie Beresh

At first, it was difficult for the girl to accept the fact that the food she ate, and the very attitude to her body simply destroyed it.

“The moment when you understand that you need to change is very emotional. When it finally comes to you that your reflection in the mirror is you, that your weight will not go anywhere unless you start working on it,“

Alicia says.

Soon, she came to a real discovery:


  1. To begin with – do not skip breakfast.
  2. Morning menu: coffee without milk and sugar, boiled eggs without yolks and a piece of fruit.
  3. For lunch: a large plate of salad with grilled chicken.
  4. For dinner: you can drop in a local pub for a steak with salad and French fries, or cook beef Stroganoff at home.


I did not have to sacrifice anything,” Alicia says. As soon as the kilograms began to melt, the girl immediately threw out those “goal jeans” of the 54th size – they became large for her. Other clothes of those times also went to trash.

If you keep old clothes, you seem to reserve the right to turn back, go back to where you started. It’s definitely not for me,”

says the slimmer mother. 

Now, things that remind her of excess weight are only her old photos and small stretch marks on the skin.

There used to be time when Alicia was shy to go out on the street. Every time, she found an excuse to stay at home. From now on, she is an active mother, whose passion is a healthy lifestyle, which she promotes in Instagram.

Having lost almost half of her former weight, Alicia tuned in to active training.

“My goal is not to be skinny,” says the blogger. “I want to become a strong and athletic mom.”